The Moving in Los Angeles Checklist

Preparing for your move will make the whole process go much smoother. Planning and getting organized is key to protecting your valuables, saving time, and having a successful and easy move.

1. Make a Checklist

Consider this your checklist to get you started. Getting your move in Los Angeles organized will save money and time later. So get organized! Use a notebook to write lists of the steps that need to be done for a successful move. Forgetting a step could set back your moving process and be costly!

2. Scheduling and Timing

Depending on the congestion of where you live, you may want to consider scheduling your moving appointment in advance to give you the ability to work around rush hour times. Moving takes a significant amount of time, and we strongly suggest getting professionals involved to make the process as easy as possible.

Residents of the Greater Los Angeles area know the importance of avoiding rush hour at all costs. A commute that normally would take 30 minutes can turn into nearly 2 hours. Planning your move in Los Angeles around rush hour times will make a big difference in your experience.

We suggest scheduling your moving appointment on a weekend where rush hours would be less of a problem. When the weekends aren’t a choice, we suggest scheduling early morning appointments to allow for packaging and loading times. By the time the moving vehicle is packed up and ready to go, rush hour may have passed and commuting to your new home in LA should be significantly easier!

3. Consider Cost and Value

In the process of getting ready for the big move, some of the most important variables to consider is cost and value. Whether it be packaging materials like boxes, bubble wrap, packaging tape, or anything of the sort, comparing moving supply stores prices and materials will be a good first step to keeping cost down and finding the best deal.

Using a moving company in Los Angeles like Value Moving will save a lot of time and provide significant value. Avoid the stress, work, time, and risk of hurting yourself and leave your move to the professionals.

In the case you want to save even more time, Value Moving does provide moving materials with prior notice at an additional cost for your convenience. We believe our customers lives are made easier by supplying packaging materials among other resources!

4. Take Inventory of Your Belongings and Label the Boxes

Taking inventory will make your move organized and problem free. Using rooms, labels, and boxes to organize your personal items allows you to stay on top of what goes where.

We strongly suggest packing one room at a time in order to avoid confusion. With Value Moving, we use this approach to make moves faster, organized, and efficient. Write specific details and even exact contents of each box on the side so you know what’s inside even when everything is stacked up and being unpacked.

5. Get Rid of What you Don’t Need

Clearing out your home of old possessions will make your move easier and faster. We suggest creating a list of what you need and want, versus what you think you can leave behind or get rid of. Especially during a move into a new home, this is the perfect opportunity to lighten your load and start fresh with a new beginning. You can use separate rooms to organize what you plan to leave behind, and what you plan to bring with you, and then use boxes to organize more specifically.

6. Moving Materials and Packaging your Belongings

Properly packing your belongings so they don’t break is important. Avoid spending money fixing or replacing broken items by taking the time to package them properly. Especially with glassware, clean up takes time and can be dangerous. It is well worth the effort to use the correct packaging materials to keep your personal belongings safe.

7. Change Your Address for Accounts

Don’t forget to change your legal address before you move. Change billing addresses, close power and water accounts, and update all of your billing information to the new address.

8. Pack Essentials Last - You Will Need Them

Finally, pack your essentials for your morning or nighttime routine, and make sure they are packed away last so they are easily accessible upon arrival at your new home.

We hope this general checklist will make your move as easy as possible.

Wherever you are in your moving process, Value Moving is happy to assist.

Posted on Aug 23, 2019